New Years Resolutions

I haven't made any New Years resolutions in awhile but i think it is time to do so and to also follow through. So here is what ill be working on this coming year of 2012.

1. Save more money, meaning try and budget more with my business and be able to put more money away which goes along with #2

2. Be able to move out to Michigan by next year or the following year this is depending on if i can find a steady job at a bakery or get more local clients.

3. Blog more and be more interactive on my blog, i really do love my blog and my readers and i would love to be able to offer you more like diy,more recipes,and also add some crafts in as well.

4. Lose weight now i know this is a common one but i need to lose a few more pounds this year and also make more time to work out .

That's all i can really think about at the moment but i think i covered the important ones. Feel free to link me to any of your posts about your resolutions or comment and let me know I'd love to hear them


  1. Those are great ones. I can only come up with one. I am going to think a couple more days before posting

  2. Great and concrete resolutions!


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