Sprinkles NYC

The first cupcake place I ever tried was sprinkles in California, since then they had always remained my favorite cupcake place. When i heard they opened up in NYC I was like finally lol , Monday my mom, her friend,and I headed over for a little trip we went to Laduree to get the new winter boxes they had and pick up some macarons and then over to sprinkles. I forgot to take a picture of the actual place but it was rather small inside. They did however have a decent selection. I got cinnamon sugar, vanilla/vanilla,vanilla/ chocolate,coconut,and a doggy cupcake for my mom's friends dog who i love lol.

Here is the lucky recipient of the doggy cupcake

So here is my opinion of the cupcakes, My favorite were the coconut and the cinnamon sugar. Although the coconut had an artificial taste to the icing i wasn't fond of and the cupcakes were almost non edible the next day they were really dry. Most cupcakes that i have tried have normally stayed moist for about 2 days. All in all I need to go back on a day when they have the peanut butter cup that was my favorite when i had first tried them. I'm not saying they were bad I'm just a little disappointed.


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