Vera Wangs Black and Nude Bridal Collection

Ever since i was a young girl sitting around drawing dresses and clothes I had always planned on designing my own wedding dress. It would be a black corset and big black and white striped skirt (something like out of sleepy hollow) with lots of pull ups and bows lol. Once i got older i did a 360 thinking a classic completely lace dress vintage chic and elegant. But there was always that dark side of me saying wouldn't a black lace dress be more fabulous!! lol

Then came Vera Wang!!! I have always loved her and then a few weeks back when i saw the 2012 black and nude wedding dress collection . The angels sang and I was like finally i could have both my loves together lol . Okay enough ranting check out these dresses there are more to find online but these were my favorite.

This top one is officially my dream dress, i would wear it everyday lol


  1. thats quite shocking! must say, i'm more of a nude, white or ivory kind of bride :)

  2. For me, Vera Wang is either a hit or miss. From your pictures, she definitely nailed it with this collection.

    I'm so glad that I inspired you to do a fashion post. I love the idea of "Fashion Designer Turned Baker." SO CUTE!


    Luis (my blog!)


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