30 Before 30 Challenge

I have wanted to do this post for awhile now but when my computer crashed the last time I lost it so i had to start it over. I am 25 now and I'll be 26 in September so i only have 5 years to do these which feels like nothing but i would like to get as much done as possible. Also when i start completing them i will put a link at the top of my page so you can check my progress. If anyone else has done one of these or would like to leave me the link in the comments I'd love to check it out.

1.Move to Michigan - So i can finally be with my boyfriend this year I'm going to be saving up as much as i can to get this on track

2.Open up a bakery - This might take me longer then 5 years but you never know what could happen

3.Get married - I know i can't really plan this one but we talk about it alot and I really have found my other half so here's hoping lol

4.Get lots of pets - I have always had pets growing up so the fact that I can't have pets where i live really kills . It will be one of the first things i do when i move .

5.Visit Paris - This has always been my dream , I am obsessed with Paris and all things french .

6.Travel more- I love to travel and have a long list of places i want to visit so after i move and I'm all settled in with working I'm going to start planning for that

7.Write and publish a recipe book - I would love to have a book of recipes and tutorials of my cookies and cupcakes ,even if its not a best seller it would still make me happy to try

8.Get a new car - I don't have a car right now so this is needed before i move as well.

9.Drive across country in an RV - I want to rent an RV and just drive across country stopping at all the weird and fun little spots.

10 Learn to snowboard - I have tried a few times but I would really like to learn I think i can get the boyfriend to teach me.

11. Do a pinup photo shoot - I loveee pinup girls and this has always been something i wanted to do just for myself.

12.Watch the sunrise somewhere beautiful - I don't think I've ever watched a sunrise I may have been up for a sunrise but never took the time to watch

13.Learn to make perogies from scratch- Another thing to do with the boyfriend I'm not polish but his family eats them alot I'd like to learn to make them from scratch

14.Learn another language - Preferably French and before my trip to Paris.

15. Finish my horror movie script i started writing along time ago- I started a movie script when i was about 17 I don't want to get it made or anything I'd just like to finish lol.

16. Learn to sew- Yes i went to school for fashion design and can't sew to save my life lol I guess It's a good thing I switched professions

17.learn to play an instrument - I'd like to learn to play the guitar or maybe the bongos lol

18.Do something with a charity - From time to time I have donated cookies for charity events but when i get myself more settled I'd like to do more with a charity especially animals.

19.Go on vacation alone - Technically I have moved to a few places for school by myself without knowing anybody but I don't count that. I'd like to take a trip even just a weekend trip by myself.

20.Lose weight again and keep it off in a healthy way - I don't really talk about it much but its been an on going battle for me . I 'd really like to keep the weight off in a healthy way .

21. Grown my own fruits and spices to bake with - I have always wanted to have a garden but never had the space but I'd really love to grow my own ingredients for baking, I think it makes it more special that way.

22.Own a pair of loub0utins - I am a purse girl and have splurged in my lifetime on alot of nice bags but I would love to get just one pair of these .

23.Go skinny dipping - Just once lol

24. Get all the tattoos i want- I love tattoos and for awhile thought of being a tattoo artist but i have a shaky hand so that was out the door . I do have alot of ideas for tattoos I'd like to get when i can finally get the extra money to.

25.Attend a blogger meet up or something similar- I always see these amazing blogger meet ups and parties and have always wanted to go to one but i can never seem to find one close .

26.Get a custom made gun for me and Matt (can you say wedding gift lol) - I love weapons and guns I only have an old gun i Inherited from my grandfather ,but i would like to have a collection one day and a custom one for sure. Pearl handle! lol

27.Go to Dolly world - I'm not really sure why but i just have a strange urge to go just once lol.

28.Do something completely out of my comfort zone- I'm very set in my ways and If i think I'm not going to like something i normally won't try it so I would like to try something out of my comfort zone.

29.Make my own ice cream - It's just something I have always wanted to do lol.

30.Make new friends- This one is really important I have a handful of good friends but over the years i have weeded out the bad ones . I would really love to make new friends that are great friends. I do alot for the people i care about and often that's taken for granted .


  1. Those all sound like great goals to work towards! I wish you the best of luck. I may do one of these over at my blog...


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