Eff ,Marry or Kill?? True blood edition


So i saw this over at The Vintage apple and since i loved this game when i was younger i had to play along! Here is who i picked mine i call it the..

True Blood edition

Your choices are starting at the far left Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer,and Joe Manganiello. Here is how it works you pick one to EFF ,one to marry ,and one to kill

I pick Alex to marry ,Joe to Eff ,and Stephen to kill(sorry bill) lol

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  1. I have never seen this show (I know, I know so sad) but based on the pics of these guys, I need to!

  2. But isn't it pretty hard to kill Stephen? I mean he IS a vampire! I would switch it around a little. I would Marry Joe, Eff Alex and also kill Stephen (sorry Stephen, you're still HOT!


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