Florida Trip Part Two

I should have done this post right after the first one but it kinda slipped my mind lol so this is a little belated. This is the second part of my first post . So over all it wasn't the greatest trip but It was free so i guess i can't complain to much lol Here are more of the things i saw aside from the zoo.

Above is one of the hotels in Marco island and a little bit of the beach, we stayed in Marco island but i preferred when we went to Naples that was much more lively.

Above is a shopping district in Naples it was on the higher end side it was really cute there ,and i went into the first free standing Sperrys store lol

These were the dolphins that we saw at least twice a day in the back of the house . They seemed to stay on the other side and i kept hoping they would come closer but this was the best picture i could get.

It just so happened the town cupcake shop was right around the corner , It was a little hard to find because it was behind the hotel over there but it was super cute. Of course i forgot to take pictures of the cupcakes. I picked the hottest day we were there to walk over there and they were melted by the time i got back home with them. The cupcakes were pretty good to.

That's it i had alot more pictures but going over them i didn't really like them that much.


  1. Such a cute pink cupcake shop ! I like it ! & I'd like to see the dolphins :3

  2. very cool that you also live in NJ! by the way checked out your shop and your goodies look delicious! I will keep you in mind for any future parties :)


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