Handbag Heaven.. Oh how i wish list

Something you may or may not know about me is I'm a purse gal. I do enjoy shoes as well but i would rather drop the money on a nice purse then shoes any day. I buy sale shoes and splurge on bags lol. There are alot of people who are against buying designer bags because they say you just want the label ect ect. But i am a very firm believer that a good quality purse is worth the price. I'm not saying you need to drop thousands but put some money into it, it pays off. Case and point my aunt buys bargain cheap bags from wherever she may find them, but she goes through them really fast if she would put the money into a good bag she wouldn't have to do that . Enough of my ranting lets look at some purse porn, this is what I like to call the oh how i wish list lol.

Above: This Dolce and Gabbana bag is kinda off the wall but i really love the mix match look.

Above: This Chloe bag is simple elegant and spohisticated reminds me of a Blair Waldorf bag

Above: I have been swooning over these Alexander McQueen knuckle duster clutches for forever!

Above: I'm not normally all for the logo everywhere but the classic Fendi logo is great and i was drooling over a similar bag in Bloomingdale's

Below: Last but definitely not least one of my favorite brands Burberry i love this bag


  1. Nice bags!


  2. I am not into animal print but I am really digging that first D&G bag.

  3. I want that firts bag !



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