Weekend Adventures and a Celeb sighting!

I had a busy weekend this weekend Saturday i went to Peddlers Village in bucks county PA to check it out for some ideas since I'm entering their cupcake decorating contest next month. It would have been better if it was warmer out and everything was all in one place but the layout was kinda all over the place lol. I stopped at this awesome yarn store on the way home and picked out some fancy yarn for my friend Ashley's baby blanket I'm making her and met the funniest ladies inside lol.

Sunday my mom our family friend Donna and their 2 friends both named Anthony went to the American museum of natural history in NYC. We had such a fun day i felt like the tour guide and chaperon to all of them and they are twice my age lol. I was telling them all about the exhibits and they were asking questions the museum should have hired me lol. The craziest part was earlier in the week i was watching the Martha Stewart show and she was at the museum and earlier in the day i was talking about her. Then I'm walking through the gift shop and who do i see walk past me 5 inches away from me?? Martha Stewart! I was so shocked luckily i was able to keep my excitement inside and run over to them to confirm we all saw her lol . I didn't snap a picture of her she was alone with her granddaughter in the stroller and I didn't wanna bother her but i did take these pics at the museum.

View of Central Park

Below Donna having fun with some dinosaurs lol

So heres a question of the day have you ever saw a celeb while you were out and if so who?

I also saw Joan Rivers at LAX airport a few years back


  1. I love and work in Hollywood so I see celebs all the time. As much as I want to scream and jump at them I just squeal in my head lol!

    The best was seeing Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom within minutes apart.


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