Winter Wonderland Weddings Part two!

The other day i was checking out my blog stats and noticed one of my most popular viewed posts of all time was way back when when i did a winter wonderland wedding post .

I decided to do a part to edition with the help of my new favorite website pinterest lol.

When i was younger i used to want to have a winter wonderland wedding but as i got older my style changed but i can still appreciate how beautiful they are so here are a few finds to share.

Source: via Ashlee on Pinterest


  1. Ooolala. I need to get in on this pinterest fad I think. The photos from it are always so creative and inspiring. The No. 15 photo collage makes me want a winter wedding, how lovely and romantic!!

  2. What amazing wedding inspirations! i like all photos!

  3. mmmmmm inspirations... Lovely photos!

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