Wish List Wednesday Dresses and Heels

Wish list Wednesday

Here are a few things I'm oogaling and wishing for this week lol.

I love dresses and although I'm not a shoe fanatic i do love a good heel with a pretty dress!

These skull heels by Iron Fist are on my to buy list!

I love these pretty white heels from Anthropologie , I'm pretty sure I'd get them dirty to fast lol

This super sexy dress at pinup girl clothing is to die for!

Love this polka dot dress from Shabby Apple

More polka dot love from modcloth.com


  1. WOW that Purple dress is KILLER - now I'm lusting after it too - thanks!

  2. Gorgeous wishlist! I love everything that is on your wishlist, but most especially the shoes with the bows! And thanks for your sweet comment! Fingers crossed for you that your long distance ends soon!

  3. Ha, that’s actually a really good suggestion. Thanks so much for this!

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