Apron Addiction Dots Diner

If you know me ,you know i have a big of an addiction to aprons lol. I'm pretty sure i have about 30 and its still growing. In the past year I discovered Dots Diner on etsy and have been addicted ever since . Her aprons are some of the cutest I have ever seen and she is so super sweet as well. The first two are the ones i bought from her and the rest are some of my favorites from her shop. I'm slowly working on collecting more aprons from her shop i always feel so cute and fun when i wear them when i bake lol.


  1. I like the two you bought :] And the others are so pretty as well. What a great shop find!

  2. so lovely!


  3. Loving those aprons!! The 4th one is my fave =)

  4. Super Cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!


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