Baby Shower Ideas, Id love your opinions

Me and my friend are throwing our other best friend a baby shower but since she's in Hawaii we have to skype her in but we will have people over at my friends house so we can all skype with her. I am in charge or decorations,desserts, ect basically most of it lol. Here are some pictures via pinterest that are inspiring me I want to do a french/rustic theme but i find myself falling into the french girly thing since I'm a girly girl lol. The problem is my friend who is having the baby is more of a natural colors type of girl. P.s shes having a girl lol. What do you guys think? I can make baby cookies and cupcakes but I'm really a stranger to the baby world so any input would be great . I'll be posting everything on here after the shower so you can all check it out and see how it went lol.


  1. I love the photo from martha stewart. It is so simple and beautiful :] Also the stack of colorful cakes is lovely as well. I have no experience with babies or baby showers so I am not much help, but good luck!!


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