Lipstick Lover, The love hate relationship

I love lipstick as you can see above in my profile picture, note to self i need to take more pictures of myself and not my cookies lol . I have a love /hate relationship with it though, I don't wear it everyday but when i do wear it i end up taking it off sometime while I'm out. For some reason it makes me feel like i don't know what to do with my lips if that makes any sense . I have made it a goal to start keeping it on as long as possible lol . I have seen alot of articles from men's magazines about how men hate when women wear bright lipstick or lip gloss. I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who likes it but i say who cares! If you feel better ,wear it! I have heard for people with fair skin like myself that an orange tinted red is the best but i don't agree i hate red/orange lipsticks this bright red is retrofuturist by lime crime and I love it. I also live by the rule that you have to pick dramatic lips or dramatic eyes, unlike most of the tacky makeup you seen in NJ . If your going to wear a bold lipstick wear a natural color eye, if your going to wear a bold eyeshadow look wear a neutral color lip. I did freelance makeup for about two years and learned alot during that time. I'm no celebrity makeup artist and these are all my opinions .

My other favorite brand is NARS and my two favorite colors in my bag at Barbarella which is a peach nude color i like to put NARS striptease gloss over it and my favorite bright pink is schiap. Schiap can be found on I was told they didn't make it anymore but i think i was lied to since its online lol .

Above Nars schiap below Nars barbarella

What is your go to favorite lipstick color? What color would you love to try but aren't daring enough to?


  1. Love the colors!! PLZ follow me!! :) THANKS!!

  2. I barely wear lipstick, but when I do I usually wear this toffee color from MAC. I typically just wear a bit of lipgloss - I also have a love/hate relationship with my lipsticks ;)

  3. I got a couple great purples recently - drugstore brands like Revlon and Maybelline. I do want to try the No She Didn't blue lipstick from Limecrime may not look good on me - but i still want to try it!


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