Valentines Day Cookie Love

I have been hard at work making lots of Valentines day cookies the past two weeks and I'm going to be working on more this weekend . Since i haven't shared my treats in awhile i figured i would share what I've made so far.

I used the amazing sweetsugarbelles lace tutorial for the cookies above

Above i have 2 dozen of these left that are on sale for only $20 here, but they won't make it for a day or two after Valentines Day


  1. Wow, these are amazing! Love the lace ones!

  2. The second set - all hearts in red and pink - super fantastic! Your artistic abilities just get better and better! AND they're EDIBLE works of art - how sweet!

  3. Your mustache cookies are so cute! The color combinations are perfect. Next time I need some treats, I'll definitely contact you.


    Luis (my blog!)

  4. The mustache ones are just great. Yummy!!
    Thank u so much for you comment:)


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