My new shoe obsession

I've said before i normally prefer bags over shoes but don't get me wrong i still love shoes lol.
For the past few months i have been ooogaling these sexy and edgy shoes from Iron Fist

I managed to scored them on sale for half off and i was so excited. I got them and I love them after that i went back to check out more and saw pink pumps with cupcakes on them oh my! What more could i ask for lol. Those are on my wishlist for my next buy here are a few other favs .
One note is that the pumps seem to run small so i would recommend going up a size.


  1. I love these shoes! I see why you wanted them. The floral ones with the polka dots are adorable.

  2. Love them, especially the last ones. I can't wear heals - dodgy back and flat feet, will just have to dream about them x

  3. LOVE the last pair too!!!! I've been looking at some wedges from them, where did you score the sale?

    Also RuPaul designed some shoes for that label - I gotta check em out! I bet they are SUPER GLAM!

  4. adore the skulls on the last pair! endearing.


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