Peddlers Village Cupcake Contest

Last week i participated in my first ever cupcake decorating contest. I searched for some local ones and found one in peddlers village PA. I was so excited and i worked all week on my designs. Let me just say I am not an overly confident person but i really thought i would win at least second or 3rd place. I woke up early that Sunday and drove the nearly 2 hour drive over there and dropped off my cupcakes . We then drove around looking for a walmart for 3 hours while they judged and I finally got a look at the entries. I was quite shocked at one how many people were there and two that there were some really good entries maybe only a handful but my thought was since its kinda rural up there , there might not be alot of people entering. Boy was i wrong . Let me say this before i continue I am a sore loser so I'm sorry if i sound like one lol. Alot of people did not follow the rules and there weren't alot of rules lol. Also some of the people who entered into the amateur division were definitely not amateurs. There were only 5 entries in the professional division . Well i didn't win, not 1st ,2nd or 3rd, in any of the 3 categories. Needless to say i was super disappointed. But next time i know to go way over the top when entering one of these , personally thats not my style i don't want to make a cupcake that looks inedible but apparently thats the way to go. Enough ranting here were my entries.

Oh also if anybody knows of any cupcake or cookie decorating contests in ny,nj,or pa leave me a comment I'd like to enter more .


  1. Those all looks great! I would have voted for you! Don't get yourself down, you are very talented!

  2. What? You made all of those? They are incredible! Almost too pretty to eat. I think you did a wonderful job and should be very proud of yourself :)

  3. Your cupcakes are wonderful! I am sorry they didn't follow the rules. But this is a good learning experience, you will knock em dead next time ;] You are incredibly talented.

  4. GORGEOUS work as usual! The cakes are SUPER CUTE in the Alice set! I guess all the Pro's entered the amateur category - UNFAIR! It is really good that you got some experience! Good Luck for next time!

  5. That is so freakin' pretty. I won't even want to eat them. SO YUMMY.


    Luis (my blog!)


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