Top 5 Places To get Married

I'm not currently engaged .... yet lol but If i was and also had an unlimited amount of funds to these would be my top 5 places I would want to get married. Sorry guys no tropical islands on the list I'm not that type of girl lol. These are not in any specific order.

1. Orcas Island- Washington, I've never been here before but its on my list of places to visit it looks amazing!

2. Nantucket- Massachusetts , I love this place i can't wait to visit again this would make an amazing place to have a wedding but probably very pricey.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

3. Mackinac Island- Michigan, this one maybe an actual possibility since my boyfriend lives in Michigan I love this hotel so pretty . It kinda reminds me of something out of boardwalk empire

4.Hotel Del Coronado- California, This places is not only amazingly beautiful but also on one of the most haunted lists which just makes it even better for me lol

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

5. Mohunk Mountain House- New York, This is my photo from my trip there its big spacious on a mountain and looks old and creepy but still beautiful.


  1. What pretty places! I have always loved Hotel Del but you have to check out Scripps Seaside future (non-existent) wedding will be there!! :)


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