Water Color Cookies and some rambling

Hello Kittens happy weekend! I just wanted to pop in for a quick post nothing special just wanted to share a new cookie technique i learned and some other ramblings. Have you ever felt like you have been so busy yet you can't really think of all the things you did? The last two weeks have felt like that and the last few days have been insane . I was getting ready to work on a sale on sneakpeeq and then we had a death in the family and i had to deal with that . Its been crazy yet i still feel like i haven't done that much. I'm also working on planning one of my best friends baby shower at the end of the month and have finally set a theme . I'll be doing my first ever dessert table and I'm super excited I've always wanted to do them but never had the chance I can't wait to share with you when its done. I need to go thrifting and flea market finding if anyone is in the NJ are and wants to come with me I'd love the company I'm kinda a newbie at it.

Okay onto cookies so i have seen some really pretty painted cookies before but had no idea how to do them or where to start i heard some people say to use alcohol and some water but it had never seemed to try the only time i tried it so i got out my food coloring water and paint palette holder and went for it and i thought they came out pretty good for a first try. I like to think of it like water color painting i have studied art my whole life i took every sort of art class my school had to offer and even took honors art which was the only honors class i was ever allowed into lol.

So if you know how to water color try it out with some food coloring.

So tell me what is everyone doing this weekend anything fun?


  1. They are gorgeous well done you!
    Love featuring clever cakes etc on my blog, hope you don't mind if I add you to my favourites and I promise I will always reference your site. x

  2. So pretty! They literally look like a work of art that you can eat.

    For me, I'm pretty much working everyday and being busy as usual haha.



    www.ChicOverload.com (my blog!)

  3. Those are GORGEOUS! Great for spring!! You're a wellspring of beauty and delectable delights!

  4. Wow, beautiful job! I really want to try this!


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