Ashleys Baby Shower : French Country Theme

Last weekend me and my friend Megan threw my dear friend Ashley a baby shower, shes due next month and she is also in Hawaii so what we did was have the shower at Megan's invite everybody and skype Ashley in. It was really fun. I struggled with a theme for awhile and I tried to go for a french country theme. If i would have had more time to shop and some extra money I'm sure i could have pulled it off a little better but I did what I could. It was also my first time doing a dessert table which I wanted to do forever now. Sorry the pictures aren't the best I thought the lighting would get better but It didn't so i had to take them while i could lol

Chocolate cinnamon truffles, Inspired by the cinnamon chocolate fudge i used to make for my friends in high school
Espresso macarons filled with chocolate ganache
Cardamon cookies with raspberry jam
the cupcakes were raspberry cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting
I'll be posting the recipes over the next month , everybody loved the desserts
Also the cute paper accents were from Festivities on etsy


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