Feature Friday Everyday is a Holiday sweet treats to decorate your home

Blogging has connected me with so many amazing and talented people. One of these people is Jenny from Everyday is a Holiday .Not only is Jenny sweet and adorable but her and her husband make the most beautiful art for your home. You may have seen her cards in Michael's as well. I know i picked up as many as i could lol. She was also sweet enough to donate this fantastical cupcake print to my favorite things giveawayy .

You can also find in her shop some of these amazing works of art

I plan on buying all these wooden signs to decorate my future bakery one day , couldn't you just imagine them hanging in a pretty bakery

I have the print above in my room 

Also stickers! I don't care how old you are you can still love stickers


  1. LOVE this artwork! SO BEAUTIFUL! and yummy! I bought a bunch of those card sets when Michael's had them - sorry everyone, they're LONG GONE! I think they sold out immediately. Maybe Michael's will commission a new set soon?


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