Hello Kitty For Laduree

Yes It's true all those Hello Kitty fans who also happen to love Laduree as well . For the 150th birthday of Laduree there is a special Hello Kitty collection. I called up to the Laduree in NYC the other day to check to make sure they had it before I headed over there today. I was so excited but i put myself on a budget and they happened to have the stamp set i coveted for so long so i picked them up instead of picking up all the Hello Kitty swag I did get a few of the macaron boxes. Luckily I'm going to the Martha show next in two weeks so I might have to pop over for some Hello Kitty goodies like these.

Images via laduree newsletter

And here are all the goodies i got lol


  1. Don't you love it? The store display is just too cute!

  2. Oh my gosh!! So so so cute!!!! LOVE them!!!!!!

  3. WOW that stamp set is exquisite! Can't wait to get your next letter - i have a feeling you might decorate the envelope with your new purchase! CUTE CUTE CUTE!


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