I break for yard sales

A few weeks ago I was talking to my best friend about thrifting and about how we need to learn how to do it lol. We both love vintage and antique stuff but are always going to over priced places. I have always been crafty so the idea of resorting old things into fun new items was right for me.
Then the T.V gods showed me the way with this book promo on some random show i was watching. I literally ran out that night and picked up. I break for yard sales by Lara spencer.
I also read it in about an hour lol . I love it so much i picked up some great tips and plan on hitting up lots of yard sales,estate sales,and flea markets this summer. So many fun projects to do I can't wait. Right now I'm working on a ugly dresser using wallpaper to make it pretty again I can't wait to share.
So has anyone else picked up this book? Any tips of shopping I'd love to hear!


  1. love yard sales they are awesome.

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