Karens Cookies , favorite tools of the trade

For quite awhile now I have been shopping at Karens cookies . I was so excited when i got them to donate a $15 gift card to my 4 year blog anniversary giveaway. This store is a bakers dream especially for us who love to decorate! You can find hundred of cookie cutters in all the shapes you will need, decorating supplies,my favorite food coloring ameri color,sprinkles,packaging and much more. I'm going to do something I don't do a whole lot which is share a few of my favorite tools of the trade with you . That you can purchase from Karen's cookies , if your lucky with your new gift card lol .

Above my sweet cookie friend Maryann sent me I think its called a boo boo stick. I love it! Its great to pop all the bubbles , i use the other end to scrape off icing when i mess up, and also to unclog the tip when i left it to long and the icing hardens lol

This small spatula i use for all my stenciling on cookies it makes it so easy to smooth over the stencil then scrape off the excess

Lets talk disco dust!! This is one of my favorite things to add to cookies Its edible glitter but not the stuff wilton tries to pass off as edible glitter this looks like real glitter. I'm still trying to collect all the colors they make and trying to use them whenever i can . Be warned though everything will be covered in glitter after including yourself lol.

Ameri color food coloring is my favorite brand of food coloring. It seems to bleed less then wilton and has worked out better for me . I also love the electric collection , I wish i got to use them more

Last but not least tweezers . I need these actually i lost my other pair lol they are great for picking up those draggees and and sprinkles to put in their proper place while decorating.
If you have any questions about any other tools feel free to leave me a comment or feel free to share your favorite tools of the trade.


  1. AH HA! Some of the tools of the trade! Thanks for sharing...now we're on our way to being one tenth the glorious decorator you are!


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