California Dreaming

Hey Kittens! I don't know if any of you know this but I went to college in California for 2 years. I wanted to do a few post on my favorite things and places so this is my first post. My first year of school I lived in Long Beach. I really loved it there we weren't in the nicest area of Long Beach but me and my roommate had so much fun. I got paired with this crazy amazing girl from Texas she really brought me out of my shell. Anywhooo

First off if you ever in Long Beach you need to go to Jerrys donuts its on E pacific coast highway . Its open 24 hours and they make fresh donuts and the real classic kind they are amazing! The guy who owned it was so nice and would ice donuts with tons of sprinkles at 3 am lol. Theres also a little Mexican joint next to it that has the best nachos.

One of my favorite spots to go to was what i would call a little shopping village called shoreline village . They have cute little shops and restaurants i mean look how adorable that place is.

I wish i would have had a good camera when i lived there because i have absolutely no pictures from when I was there . I miss California from time to time something will remind me of it, I need to take a trip out there soon. I would always say on a sunny day in California there is no excuse to be unhappy lol.

Anybody have any fav places there you wanna share leave a comment I'll save the rest for more posts.


  1. I really like hearing about your take on different places you've been! Thanks for the foodie tips too! Can't wait to hear about London!


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