Candy Colored Hair

Hello Kittens! Like me most us girls have a dream hair color that we have wanted forever. Maybe its to daring for you to try or maybe you have that color now. I have had soo many different colors although i have yet to get my hair to be the perfect red. I thought I'd share my favorite hair color I've had and some amazing colors I found on pinterest.
I thought i lost this picture its not the greatest but its the only one i have with my purple hair.

 So whats your dream hair color?


  1. I LOVE blues and pinks...but my hair is almost black and it won't bleach enough to get it to take any other color!

  2. Purple! Hope you had a great weekend honey... if you get a chance come enter my giveaway for a vintage inspired Snow White necklace and earrings!

    Kori xoxo

  3. LOVE that photo of you! we need more YOU on this blog! You're so cute!

    I can't choose a favorite color - I guess that's why I change colors a couple times a year...right now I'm purple with blue and black...and liking it!


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