Fun Ways to Present Cupcakes

Fun Ways to Present Cupcakes

Whether for a birthday, bake sale, holiday party, or even wedding, cupcakes can be a cute and super easy treat to bring. If you don't want your cupcakes looking like everyone else's, check out some of these fun new ways to display your creation and make it stand out from the crowd:
  • Cupcake Tree – Created out of a variety of materials and shapes, a cupcake tree or tower can be a great way to display your creation. This has become so popular, that some couples are even using this idea to replace the old tier cake for weddings. If you like this theme, but want to keep an element of tradition, try one of the new tower designs that lets you put a small cake on top and several layers of cupcakes underneath.
  • Stuffed Cupcakes – Make breakfast cupcakes with a donut inside, or bake a heart into a cupcake for Valentine's Day or a Cadbury egg into a cupcake for Easter. Other tasty ideas include putting a candy bar or brownie into a cupcake or putting some Nerds candies inside for a fun surprise. For more great stuffing ideas, check out the Bake It In A Cake! blog or some of the other creative cupcake blog ideas on this Cupcake Blogs list.
  • Ice Cream Cone – For a delicious idea for birthdays and other casual events, ice cream cone cupcakes can be a delicious way to avoid the sloppiness of the traditional ice cream sundae. To make displaying these creations easier, make sure to buy the big flat-bottom ice cream cones.
  • Lollipops – A new trend in cupcake design, cake pops can be made from scratch or from your favorite cake mix. Besides cake and frosting, you will also need some lollipop sticks, candy melts, Styrofoam to stand the pops up in, and some sprinkles, food coloring, or other decorations. Simply bake a cake, mix it with some frosting, roll it in balls, top with a candy coating, and then decorate. Or, for an easy shortcut, try starting with some donut holes and then decorate into your favorite animal or cartoon character.
  • Bouquet – Decorate cupcakes with a variety of flower top, then put on a platter, basket or cupcake stand for an edible bouquet. For a twist on this idea, try making cake pop flowers and present this bouquet on your Styrofoam stand. This would make a great present or a conversation-starting centerpiece.
  • Themed Cupcakes – If you want to make something unique but would like to stick with the regular cupcake pattern, try decorating them with a sports, holiday or seasonal theme. For a birthday party or movie release party, make Harry Potter, Spider-Man, or superhero-themed baked goods to hand out to your hungry guests.
If you like these ideas and would like to learn more, take some classes at online cooking schools and impress all your guests with your newfound skills.


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