This Weeks Roundup

This week was a little crazy lol. I finished up all my orders right on time . Then Thursday we went out for my grandmas 75th birthday slash going away party for my dad since he moved to Florida today. That was a funny night my dads side of the family is loud and raunchy and thank god they are friends with the people who own the restaurant we were at or else I'm pretty sure we would have gotten kicked out lol I just wanna show you all my family since if you saw us all in public nobody would know I'm related to them lol .
 These are my 3 first cousins

My dad and his sisters 

So today i found out my bank account got hacked again! Second time in two years i had to get a new card and have to figure out a new pin that I won't forget lol
Onto the more fun part these are some cookies i made this week 

Fiesta birthday cake cookies

Two sets of Russian doll cookies since i thought i needed to add these to the shop PS the top set will be on my shop on a ready to ship sale momentarily so come scoop them up 
Oh and for those of you who aren't from NJ or tri state area i wanna introduce you to the official breakfast sandwich of NJ Taylor ham (or pork roll as some call it )egg and cheese its normally on a bagel but i didn't have one lol 
Any fun stories from this week you wanna share?


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