Coffee and Cigarettes

It has been a long week I'm normally not one to share all the details about my life but I'm feeling kinda bummed and just felt like sharing. Wednesday afternoon i started getting heartburn then i made the mistake of drinking milk cause i thought it would help. Cut to horrible pain and throwing up all night i didn't get any sleep till the next morning. I also got behind on work so now I'm working through the weekend . I think i might have a stomach ulcer i have all the symptoms so I'm hoping my trip to the doctor will tell me something good next week.

All you people out there with acid reflex and heart burn issues i commend you! The diet you can have is soo limited. I also can't have caffeine or smoke which is probably why I'm in such a crappy mood right now. So i leave you with a depressing song lol and am hoping your all having a better weekend then I am.

Sorry for my lack of blogging I'll be back soon


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. I hope you're feeling great today. Take care of yourself!!!!


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