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I love wallpaper if it was up to me i would wallpaper every square inch of my future home. I don't think the boyfriend would approve though lol. I recently did a project with an old dresser and wallpaper I will post a diy on that soon. Recently I have become my moms interior decorator and have full control of that lol. I'm going to wallpaper her kitchen and we went to pick out wallpaper the other day thats when i came across this big bright crazy book of wallpaper it was Pip Studio. I told her she had to pick from there and that was it lol can you tell I'm a control freak.
Well here is the one she picked .

Here are some other amazing prints by Pip Studio via pinterest in action

Source: vervedc.com via Jodie on Pinterest
Source: google.com.au via Steph on Pinterest


  1. WOW that last one is DIVINE! I might need to find a niche in my house to paper with it! OOOH and AAHHHH!


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