Weekend Adventure Foxwoods and big win!

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Saturday we went to fox woods casino in Connecticut for my aunts birthday. I had never been there before and i was so surprised how big it was. It felt like I was going away on vacation It's amazing there.

We only spent the day there but it was worth waking up super early for . I have never gambled before and wasn't to keen on the idea of spending money and only having the chance to get something in return lol. An hour before we left i was losing on the slot machines when i went to the poker machine and on a random draw i got a royal flush and bam i won $1,000 . Saying i was shocked was an understatement lol I'm normally an unlucky person I hardly win anything big so to win that was insane!

 I'm a sucker for cute shopping places they have an indoor shopping village it was adorable and they have several fountains and waterfalls inside . I really wanna go back again and maybe stay over night this place is huge and we only saw about half of it . I'm not sure If I'm going to gamble again though lol
Also on the NY bridge on the way home i snapped this pic the sunset was pink and purple i wish i would have taken a better picture though.
So what did everyone do this weekend?


  1. Wow that place is massive! And congrats on the win!


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