Whats In my Bag

I was reading over on Everyday is a Holiday Jenny's post on this and i remembered i hadn't done one in awhile so i thought I'd give it a go. I encourage you to do the same and link me to it if you do or already have done so I love to see what others carry around with them.

Lets go down the list lol
1. Note book for orders and extra notes and pen just in case

2. Extra strength Excedrin I've gotten headaches and migraines since i was little so i need with me lol

3. Sunglasses always need those my eyes are so sensitive

4. Makeup essentials nars lipstick in Barbarella its a nude color and just a powder and brush

5. Necklaces i always carry a few in case i go out and forget.

6. Lighters i always have like 6 in my bag and the cubs one is special cause its from the boyfriend

7. Burt's bees chap stick

8. Wallet my business cards are in there to

9. Keys

I try to not to carry alot with me and actually i normally have more stuff in my bag lol
So lets see whats in your bag!


  1. LOVE it!!! You have a real deal fancy lady bag..with all sorts of cutesy stuff inside! Almost like a chocolate covered cherry!!! :)


  2. how old were you since you started having migraines?


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