Diy Monogram Wooden Letter

The other day I had an impromptu craft day with my cousin. She was making a painted wooden box and I decided to do a wooden letter and decorate it somehow. Normally when i go to the craft store I have a project in mind but this one was off the top of my head when I got there. The whole project cost me $5.

What You will need:

Wooden Letter (cost me $3)
Modge Podge (already had)
Black paint (already had)
Paint brush (already had)
Sponge brush 35 cents
12x12 piece of fabric i found this at Michael's for $1.99 it was in the scrap book paper section but it was fabric cut the same size, you can also use scrap book paper instead

First I painted the back and all the inside edges black, this way you can hang it or display it .
I let that dry overnight to be sure
I placed the wooden letter on the back of the fabric and traced it, you can use pencil or pen.
Cut it out carefully , then i spread modge podge onto the part of the wooden letter that is not painted black. Now the hard part lining it up lol mine was a little off .
Press down all the edges and let dry for a few minutes
Then start layering on the modge podge let dry about 30 min between coats if you can.
I put down a plastic bag on my workspace so it wouldn't stick
I did about 5 layers of modge podge you can do more if you like
Let dry overnight and your done
If you want to hang it you can add ribbon and a staple gun and staple it to the back for a pretty effect

I have a really fun idea for this project for Halloween I can't wait to work on

If you have any questions about this project or want to share your finished one with me leave a comment!


  1. Wow this came out great! I have a thing for monograms...I especially love that it only cost you $5! Great job!


  2. Found you through the No rules blog party, love the idea, I've been looking to do something similar for my daughters nursery with a different pattern, just can't find those darn woodern letters anywhere!


  3. That sounds so easy! I'm terrible with spur of the moment crafts. If I don't plan ahead it's sure to be a disaster. Actually even planning ahead doesn't always say much lol.

    Thanks for linking up to my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :))


  4. Thanks so much for linking up to Say G’Day Saturday! I just shared this post on my Google+ page and pinned it too!

    This week’s party has just started so I hope you can join in again!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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