Tea and French Macarons

Two weekends ago i got together with my lovely friend and fellow blogger Sara of Military Fashion Show.  
We had a proper tea with scones and handmade sugar cubes and lots of talking and catching up.
The day before i had gotten the Laduree baking book so we had to try to make some of their famous french macarons. We made the raspberry framboise macarons and instead of just raspberry filling we added vanilla cream as well.
 They came out perfect! No broken shells and we managed to get them all off the paper using the steaming method which I have never tried before.

I can't wait to try more recipes from the book does anyone have either the sweet or savory cookbooks from Laduree ? I'd love to hear your favorite recipe from the books.


  1. Had a wonderful day with you - and the macarons were so yummy! The scones were too! Should I make everyone jealous and mention that you cooked me dinner too? So Delish!!!!


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