Cream City Ribbon Eco Friendly Review

Cream City Ribbon contacted me to see if i would like to review their ribbon, and as a lady with a large ribbon collection I was very excited to . Their ribbon is 100% percent cotton biodegradable and uses soy based ink.
They do custom printed ribbon for companies and small businesses as well.

Here is what i did with the ribbon i recieved

Here is my take on the ribbon
First off this ribbon is a crafters dream! This would be so great for card making or any other crafts you can dream of . It curls really well and holds its shape so if you prefer curling ribbon over fabric ribbon for gifts this would be great. My only negatives are its really stiff and paper like so i couldn't use it to tie up cookie bags, i prefer the satin ribbon for that its more flexable.
But overall if you want to go green for gifts and crafts its a great choice .
They come in lots of colors and prints . You can also get self adhesive which i would love to use for cards and letters that i send out .
To leave off I'll show you one of the fun projects on their websites gotta love owls!


  1. Thank you to the Fancy Lady for the review. Regarding using our ribbon to tie cookies, we suggest tearing it in half or shredding it to use like raffia, where it is wonderful to tie up treats. We are mostly known for our ability to customize our ribbon, so it is fantastic for a retail store or any occasion. Our ribbon is 100% cotton - yes, cotton! And we source it hear in the US and we dye it responsibly - and our cream color is now organic. Thank you again, Fancy Lady...!


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