Samoa Birthday Cake

It's my friends birthday next week and since she only had off this weekend we celebrated it early. She requested a girl scout cookie Samoa cake. I found a few recipes online but decided to just used the frosting recipe and make my brownie chocolate cake instead.
I also tried making caramel from condensed milk, after the first one failed the second can came perfect!
This cake was sooo good lol I will definitely have to make this again.
The chocolate part came out a little messy but it still tasted great lol


  1. That cake looks so yummy! Yesterday I made a lemonpie and a whippedcream pie, phew...hahaha.

    xx Susie

  2. I just want that can of caramel! MMMMMMM!

  3. Ohh, it truly looks delicious! My mouth is watering! <3

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