What I've been Baking

Hey Kittens I have been a little MIA these past two weeks I'll be back more next week.
I'm going to get a new phone tonight so I might be joining the world of smart phones and all that other stuff I have been holding off on . I'm looking forward to instagram the most lol.

Anywhooo here what I have been baking as of lately I wish i would have snapped pics of the cupcakes I made last week .

I managed to sneak in some french baking last week with these choux pastry puffs they were soo good I'll be sharing the recipe soon


  1. Wow... they are so beautiful! Almost too good to eat :3 I simply love your posts!
    Mind checking mine? ^-^ I’ve just updated it and don’t have many followers :) It’s http://sdshyviolette.blogspot.co.uk/ - I always follow back ♥


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