Georgetown Cupcakes NYC Review

I always love to try new cupcake places and since i had seen the show I had wanted to try Georgetown Cupcakes for awhile .
They opened a location in NYC in Soho. I happened to check out the channel 7 secret sales and they had a coupon for half off of a dozen cupcakes so i quickly jumped online and placed my order for pickup that Saturday. I rounded up my friend Sarah and my mom and went to pick them up Saturday. I had completely forgot it was fashion week so Soho was very crowded.
I actually was able to snap two pictures while inside without a problem some places don't allowed that.
They has this fun cupcake art on the wall

I also saw this fun pinup street art on the walk back

I got them home and over the next 3 days my mom and I tried the different flavors we got.

Here is a review of the flavors we got
Vanilla and chocolate- this one is the vanilla with chocolate frosting the cake part was fine but when i bit into the chocolate part i actually wanted to spit it out that's never happened with a cupcake before lol . I didn't know till after i ate it that its made with callebaut chocolate which to me tastes like a dark bitter chocolate which i don't like.

Coconut - It said it was a coconut cake but it tasted like vanilla to me and I didn't really enjoy the frosting overall it was an okay cupcake.

Chocolate and vanilla- I'm confused here the chocolate cake part was good and the frosting is suppose to be vanilla but it was cream cheese when i tasted it overall it was another okay one

Vanilla Birthday cake- The cake part was okay and i really like the constancy of the the frosting but the vanilla tasted like it has been mixed with one of the fruit flavored frosting and I didn't like the taste.

Chocolate Peanut butter swirl- This was the best one out of the batch it was really good the frosting was perfect and there was a delicious chocolate filling inside as well.

Overall I would like to go back and try different flavors before i count them out for good. But i do take it a bad sign that the basic flavors were not that great.

This review was done on my own and paid for me and has no affiliation with Georgetown Cupcakes


  1. So many cupcake shops are a BIG LETDOWN. The only place we've tried and really LOVED so far is HOUSE OF CUPCAKES in Princeton, NJ. Keep the Faith and keep up the reviews! I need to know when you find the good one!


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