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The past few months I have been helping my mom redo her house , were doing the dining room,living room and kitchen first and the rest will come later. We have got so much done but at the same time there is still a lot to do .
Here is a sneak peak of the before photos of some of the projects
 Here is the living room when we first started we have gotten furniture in painted and lots more I'll have pics when all the decor is done though.
 We are reupholstering the chairs they were so old and blah I will post a quick diy on how to do these with the after photos  they are so easy i was shocked at how fast we got them done
We got the pretty new wallpaper i picked out up but were painting that ugly wood paneling! It looks so much nicer now I can't wait to post the photos when its all done.
Anybody else doing any house work? Link me up in the comments I'd love to take a look and see what every ones doing


  1. I love redos, Especially with someone you love! Goodluck!

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  2. oh how exciting!!! can't wait to see the finished look.

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