Are you afraid of the dark :The Devils Tower

A few weeks back my friend and I went to check out a local haunt called the devils tower in alpine NJ . There aren't to many places that are spooky in or around Bergen county so this was the closest thing we found. The area is really nice lots of mansions and smack dab in the middle of the mansions is the tower. Legend is a Spanish man who made his money from a sugar plantation in Cuba built it for his wife so she had a view of New York City. While the tower was being built she went up to take a look around and supposedly saw him having an affair and threw herself to her death off the tower. Upon arriving my friend said she was getting a creepy feeling and when we pulled up this tower was immense . All I could think of was how crazy it would be to fall off that tower. It is securely gated and also has a video surveillance so know one can get it. I read online if you drive around it 3 times backwards your suppose to see his wife's ghost but since my friend had just got a new car i figured that wasn't a smart move to try lol.
I snapped some pictures and It wasn't until a few days later when i uploaded them that i noticed something in the window of one of the pictures. I'm not a camera expert so I really don't know what it could be but was it the ghost of his wife looking back at us.
Here are the two photos the image only appears to come up in the one photo.
I did not edit these except for the size and added the circle so you know what window i was talking about so these are as is, you be the judge.



  1. oh oh!! I LOVE these type of things so very cool it DOES look like something in the window. How fun, I went to a simial kind of getup and I as well had something show up in the window! neat stuff tyfs

  2. I love these types of things. I wish I could go to Natchez in a couple weeks for their cemetery tour at night


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