Tis the season for apple picking

Since fall weather has showed up I have been dying to go apple picking its one of my favorite things to do this time of the year. It was perfect weather yesterday as well so beautiful and sunny out. We had such a fun day ,also a day of food as well we picked up candy apples,apple cider donuts and yummy chocolates as well . My friend Sarah decided to climb a tree to get to the green apples which were scarce and that was unsuccessful. It seemed everyone has gutted out the green apples before we got there. But i got enough to make a yummy pie I cant wait to post the recipe for that . I'll be working on that next week.

We went to Maskers Orchards in Warwick NY, I am in love with this place next year I'll be going back. It is one of the largest orchards Ive ever seen and its also up on a mountain so the view is breathtaking. They even have cute little sign names for the different roads.

If you have a a truck or SUV i would recommend taking it because the roads are crazy and a little off road style lol .
Has anyone else gone apple picking this year yet?


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