Saturday, March 31, 2012

50% off ceramic flat irons and curling wands

Hey kittens happy weekend!
I don't have alot of time for a long post i'm making cupcakes for my friends shower but i wanted to share this cause its an amazing deal. Ideeli has ceramic flat irons, blow dryers and curling wands on sale today for more then 50% off . This 2 piece flat iron set is only $44

I just got one of the flat iron sets . p.s if anyone has a good recommendation for a curling wand that will give you medium sized full curls leave a comment and let me know i need one lol

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My new shoe obsession

I've said before i normally prefer bags over shoes but don't get me wrong i still love shoes lol.
For the past few months i have been ooogaling these sexy and edgy shoes from Iron Fist

I managed to scored them on sale for half off and i was so excited. I got them and I love them after that i went back to check out more and saw pink pumps with cupcakes on them oh my! What more could i ask for lol. Those are on my wishlist for my next buy here are a few other favs .
One note is that the pumps seem to run small so i would recommend going up a size.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Modge Podge Makeup Case

Hello kittens! I often do alot of diy projects when i have the extra time but this is the first time I'm doing a diy tutorial of sorts so bear with me if its not the greatest lol.
Lets start with supplies
modge podge (the kind for paper)
sponge brush
an old comic book or any type of thin paper you would like to use
craft storage box or something similar this one is from the container store
ribbon to match if you want you don't have to add ribbon
glue gun
some sort of sealant if you want this to stay for awhile i haven't sealed mine yet lol
Start by cutting up strips of the paper they can be various sizes you can cut to fit as you go along.
Take your brush and modge podge in small areas the stick paper on and repeat till you have it all covered. Overlapping is fine since it gives it a collage look.
Then your going to modge podge lots and lots of layers ontop being sure to let dry each time.
This may take a day or to to complete. Then you can seal if with whatever brand you prefer to keep your makeup case safe. Take your ribbons and make a pretty bow and use your glue gun to attach ontop. Let dry and your all set to go.
As i said I'm new at this tutorial thing so i know this is not the greatest . If you have any tips for me on how to write this out better for next time feel free to comment. Also any questions you have leave in the comments and I'll get back to you right away.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Post Sara Phillips Of Beauty Rituals

Hello Kittens today we have my very first guest post i hope you enjoy!
Guest Author Sara Phillips

A Brief(ish) History of Make Up

Image via

We take the vast array of makeup around for granted... but have you ever wondered where it originates, why it was invented and what it was originally made of? Well read on – it’s fascinating and sometimes toxic stuff! Grab a cuppa, there is so much to tell!

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to develop cosmetics; drawings have been found of their elaborate eye makeup in tombs from 5,000BC and Unguent jars have been found dating back to 4,000BC. Unguent was used to soften men and women's skin and to protect them from the hot and dry climate, sand winds and even sunburn! Everyone wore it, even children and the poor.

Physicians prescribed it to protect against eye disease – if only we could get Chanel on prescription! They believed eye makeup did more than enhance their beauty; they believed it could improve the eyesight and ward off evil spirits... shame it doesn't have the same effect on creepy builders, wolf whistling you from their van!

Unfortunately, many toxic ingredients were unknowingly used including lead and mercury! These harmful ingredients were absorbed through the skin, often killing people. This carried on through the ages without people realising the dangers.

Cleopatra’s stunning eye makeup still influences fashions today. Her black kohl crayons were made from antimony (a metal), the green and blue shimmer eye shadow, made from find ground lapis lazuli and malachite crystals, it also shielded the eyes from the harmful suns rays. Her lipsticks were made from the deep red pigment of crushed carmine beetles and powdered ants eggs – nice! Eyptian Queens were buried with lotions, potions and a makeup chest including kohl, beeswax mascara and a mirror to beautify in the afterlife.

The Roman’s brought kohl to Britain and a beetle shell paste used to colour the cheeks – thank goodness for Benetint!

Miss Mary Linwood

In Medieval Europe, make up was forbidden. Regency Period women were expected to be modest, pale and interesting and modest ladies didn’t wear makeup! Those who did, tended to only kind wear white and red paint, either powdered or mixed with pomade. Men wore make up until the 1850’s.

I love this quote (via Songsmyth)! Anne Prevost, daughter of a Canadian Governor-General during the War of 1812 wrote: "I never used to like Miss C. because she rouged,"

At the end of the Victorian era, things became more relaxed, Vogue and The Queen Magazine showed their support of the young cosmetics industry.

In the early 1900’s the ballet, theatre and the movie industry made makeup was fashionable in American and Europe. Movie stars became trend setters. In 1900 Polish born Max Factor, created a safe face powder for the silent movies made out of zinc oxide.

Selfridges opened in Oxford Street in London in 1909 complete with cosmetics counters – previously cosmetics had been kept under the counter!

Image via

In 1914 Max Factor created 6 shades of 'Pan Cake', the first ever foundation and powder in one for the colour talky movies. Later the Ministry of Defence used it for night commandos – I do love a multi use product!

In 1912 Elizabeth Arden went to Paris to learn beauty and facial techniques. She returned to the US with a range of rouges and tinted powders she had created. She introduced North American women to modern eye makeup. In 1915 she went global, opening stores around the world.

Iconic heroine - Coco Chanel

Chanel’s famous flapper style of the 1920's was dark eyes, red lips and nails and heavens above - a tan! Max Factor launched his first make up range for the public in 1927.

Rationing in the UK during World War 2 meant there was very little makeup available. Newspapers and magazines wrote articles with tips on how to improvise; red lipstick was the symbol of patriotism, so beetroot juice was used to stain the lips, tea bags or gravy browning to tan the legs and talc was used as face powder. Talk about putting on a happy face! I have such respect for that generation, they were so strong and resourceful – crickey we are such wimps!

In the 50’s and 60’s cosmetic companies looked towards nature and technology for ingredients. Helena Rubenstein invented the modern wand mascara in1957.

Images via and Make Up Allure

Nowadays women now tend to opt for a more natural look in the day time and glamorous in the evening. Animal testing is frowned upon and mineral makeup including Bare Minerals and Jane Iredale has become popular due to their ability to also solve skincare problems.

My Make Up Loves

Benefit Dandelion brightening face powder - gorgeous for the spring

Benefit ooh la lift under eye brightening-booster

Estee Lauder Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Stila's Violet Smudge Crayon a gorgeous primer, eye shadow and liner in one!

Stila Ameretto Lip Glaze

Cosmetics Ala Carte Eyeshadow. Build your own pallette, I love Chocolate and Blond. Chocolate is great on the brows.

Benefit High Beam - fab to enhance the brow bone and cupids bow.

My Wishlist

Guerlain Exceptional Complete Refillable Mascara with integrated mirror!

Shu Uemura Blusher

Laqu and Co nail polish pens in Squid Ink and Fancypants

And I can't wait to see Liz Earle's New Make-up Range

So wish we had in the UK!

Anna Sui

Image via Etsy

In keeping with the Cupcakes and Corsets theme of this fab blog, here is a picture of my prized corset mirror, I bought 10 years ago from a local artist.

I love makeup and cupcakes so what better way to end this post, with some amazing makeup cupcakes from my Beautiful Cupcake Gallery post.

Thank you for reading x

Guest author Sara Phillips is a Beauty Therapist and author of Rituals Beauty Blog where she shares her knowledge to make your world a more beautiful, healthier place. You can also follow her on Twitter @RitualsBeauty

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Weekend and amazing find

Hey Kittens sorry I've been MIA this week I have been working on back to back detailed orders and also working on my friends baby shower i can't wait to show you all how it turns out!
Two things i wanted to share I've wanted this storage cart for awhile and it was 40% off at Michael's i so excited i got two for pretty much the price of one score!

Second thing was i saw this on facebook the other day and thought it was so true and funny. My boyfriend thinks that's what i look like when I'm decorating cookies but its so far from the truth lol.

So tell me what is everyone up to this weekend?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Advice on Starting your own business

I've been wanting to do this post for awhile and after watching the creator of spanx on Anderson cooper yesterday i decided to finally write this post. Fist off let me just say these are my own opinions and have worked for me also I'm not rich by my business by any means but i love what I do and i get by.

My first piece of advice is be committed , if you really wanna do this make sure you are committed to it because its going to have alot of ups and downs .

Don't quit your day job right away , I know its tempting to just quit but It might take awhile for your business to get on its feet and its always nice to have a back up .

Take the time while your still working your regular job to produce and work on your product and products till you feel you are proud to present it to the public this will help alot.

Something I heard the creator of spanx say was she didn't tell anyone for a year what she was doing which I wish i had done lol. When i quit my regular job not one single person i knew supported my decision they ,thought i was crazy. I'm not saying these because the people you care about are mean or anything like that but more that people will be worried about you its a big step and their worries might hold you back . Now i have support from the people I love but it took awhile before they understood what i was doing so be careful.

Something thats also important especially if you are inventing something and even if your not don't share your secrets or to many tips. There are alot of people who have asked me for advice and most of the time I don't mind sharing some but you don't want to give to many of your tips and secrets away . Its something that could hurt you down the line prepare to learn the word NO. This will be very important for customers and friends . I am a very generous person but it comes a time when you have to charge your friends not every time but you can't giveaway your products for free people then begin to expect it all the time and you will lose money. For customers when you set a price try and stick to it , there are many times where i have had people try and haggle me down or say well i saw it cheaper somewhere else . Don't give in don't lose money trying to gain customers and please everyone it will only hurt you , I know this from experience. Every now and then when i have some free time and someone comes to me with a request for a deal I will take it just because I love to work lol but be sure to tell them It's a one time thing or they will always expect that which I have encountered before as well.

This may sound harsh but people will give you alot of sob stories especially when your working on etsy where your customers can contact you directly .

Surround yourself with positive and supportive people ,if you have alot of negative people trying to bring you down this will not be good when your having one of those days you just wanna give up. Be proud of what you do and make sure you love what you do this will help those long days with no sleep alot easier.

My last word of advice is that being your own boss is not always as fun as it may sound. People seem to think i can just take days off when I want and have a jolly good time lol . Its not like that I probably put more hours in then most of my friends that work in an office. I also can't pick and choose when Its going to be a busy month or a slow one . Customer service is key and you can't just take a day off and not get something out in time . Make a plan before you venture off and stick to it . Good luck to anyone who is reading this and I hope it helps . If you have any questions leave them in the comments with your email address and I'll get back to you .

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Feature Friday: Andrea Kett : Cupcakes, zombies and Pinups Oh my!

I haven't done feature Friday for awhile now but I'm glad to be back with such an amazing artist. My friend Sara turned me onto her shop and I knew right away i had to feature her. I mean spiders,zombies,cupcakes,pastries and pinups all mixed into one ,nothing screams Amanda more then that. Andrea was sweet enough to agree to let me interview her, she has an amazing shop on etsy to check out with prints,cards,paper dolls and more. Here is our interview:

1. How did you get started with your art, and when did you decide to open up a shop.After leaving Art college I started making my own greetings cards,it was a relatively cheap and easy way to get my work out there.After exhibiting at a few good trade fairs,I had managed to get my cards into some really well known stores like Liberty ,Harrods, Coco de Mer (UK) and Barneys NY as well as a few more.It wasn't until a few years later that I decided to open an Etsy shop.

2.Tell us a little bit about yourself?I am an artist/illustrator and part time treasure huntress.Born in Dublin,studied animation at Dun Laoighre College of Art and Design (in Dublin).I completed a further year at Bristol University and am currently based in the UK.

3.What is your favourite item currently in your shop.My favourite item in my shop is my “Undead Threads” paper doll book it combines all my favourite things, such as over the top fashions and glamorous ghouls.(I especially enjoyed drawing all the spooky accessories)

4. Is this your part time or full time job? If its not what is your day job.its my full time job (which I am very glad to say)Ive been lucky enough to make a living out of my scribblings for the last 10 years or so.

5. What inspires you and who are your favorite artistsLots of things inspire me really,vintage fashion,books,films and music (books in particular anything from Agatha Christie to Enid Blyton).I also love to collect little curios and knick knacks,vintage tins (being my latest ebay obsession),wooden peg dolls,old Christmas decorations,taxidermy and odd china.They put me in any instant good mood (exept on the rare occasion when I have to give them the once over with a duster!)when im starting a new project I like to display these objects near my desk-like a 3d moodboard it really helps to set the scene.My favourite artists are Tarpe Mills,Dame Darcy (splendid comics from both )Edward Ardizzone,Edward Gorey,Nathalie Lete,Marcel Vertes and Erte (great fashion illustrators)I quite like Grayson Perry (he’s one of my new ones) and ‘the girls’(Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair),there are probably loads more I will think of later!!

6. If you could have dinner with any 3 people alive or dead who would it be and why?This is a tricky question,Ive never really thought about it but if pushed I would say John Waters,Kenny Everett (a British comic genius way ahead of his time) and Poison Ivy from the cramps.The first 2 for their great wit and general banter, the latter for some style tips as there are very few women that can carry off all that leopardskin and still look marvellously elegant!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 5 Places To get Married

I'm not currently engaged .... yet lol but If i was and also had an unlimited amount of funds to these would be my top 5 places I would want to get married. Sorry guys no tropical islands on the list I'm not that type of girl lol. These are not in any specific order.

1. Orcas Island- Washington, I've never been here before but its on my list of places to visit it looks amazing!

2. Nantucket- Massachusetts , I love this place i can't wait to visit again this would make an amazing place to have a wedding but probably very pricey.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

3. Mackinac Island- Michigan, this one maybe an actual possibility since my boyfriend lives in Michigan I love this hotel so pretty . It kinda reminds me of something out of boardwalk empire

4.Hotel Del Coronado- California, This places is not only amazingly beautiful but also on one of the most haunted lists which just makes it even better for me lol

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

5. Mohunk Mountain House- New York, This is my photo from my trip there its big spacious on a mountain and looks old and creepy but still beautiful.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Inspired colored glass cake stands

If you read my blog you will know my love for cake stands is immense . I also love vintage and vintage inspired items mix the two and you have these!

Awhile back i joined one of those designer sale sites called Ideeli, I'd seen some really fun items on there but have been kinda broke lately so I've had to pass but when i saw that purple glass cake stand for only $22 i had to buy it . I love purple and don't have any cake stands like this or any purple either and the blue one is only $20. These also have this cute serving tray for mini desserts for $22 . Do you also share a love for cake stands have any favorite places you get them from leave a comment if you wanna share and check out these deals before they sell out .

P.s ideeli is not asking me to write this i wrote this on my own wanting to share cake stand deals lol.

Giveaway winner plus a surprise second winner

I just wanted to thank everyone for entering the st Patrick's day giveaway and I'm planning a big giveaway for next month since its my 4 year blog anniversary.

So i have a surprise in honor of reaching over 800 followers and 300 followers on facebook I'm am picking two winners. The first winner is Shardi! You have won the st Patrick's day cookie assortment congrats! and our second winner is Danielle you have won a surprise cookie assortment! I am emailing you both now for your addresses.

Congrats to the winners and thank you again to everyone who entered!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Water Color Cookies and some rambling

Hello Kittens happy weekend! I just wanted to pop in for a quick post nothing special just wanted to share a new cookie technique i learned and some other ramblings. Have you ever felt like you have been so busy yet you can't really think of all the things you did? The last two weeks have felt like that and the last few days have been insane . I was getting ready to work on a sale on sneakpeeq and then we had a death in the family and i had to deal with that . Its been crazy yet i still feel like i haven't done that much. I'm also working on planning one of my best friends baby shower at the end of the month and have finally set a theme . I'll be doing my first ever dessert table and I'm super excited I've always wanted to do them but never had the chance I can't wait to share with you when its done. I need to go thrifting and flea market finding if anyone is in the NJ are and wants to come with me I'd love the company I'm kinda a newbie at it.

Okay onto cookies so i have seen some really pretty painted cookies before but had no idea how to do them or where to start i heard some people say to use alcohol and some water but it had never seemed to try the only time i tried it so i got out my food coloring water and paint palette holder and went for it and i thought they came out pretty good for a first try. I like to think of it like water color painting i have studied art my whole life i took every sort of art class my school had to offer and even took honors art which was the only honors class i was ever allowed into lol.

So if you know how to water color try it out with some food coloring.

So tell me what is everyone doing this weekend anything fun?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Peddlers Village Cupcake Contest

Last week i participated in my first ever cupcake decorating contest. I searched for some local ones and found one in peddlers village PA. I was so excited and i worked all week on my designs. Let me just say I am not an overly confident person but i really thought i would win at least second or 3rd place. I woke up early that Sunday and drove the nearly 2 hour drive over there and dropped off my cupcakes . We then drove around looking for a walmart for 3 hours while they judged and I finally got a look at the entries. I was quite shocked at one how many people were there and two that there were some really good entries maybe only a handful but my thought was since its kinda rural up there , there might not be alot of people entering. Boy was i wrong . Let me say this before i continue I am a sore loser so I'm sorry if i sound like one lol. Alot of people did not follow the rules and there weren't alot of rules lol. Also some of the people who entered into the amateur division were definitely not amateurs. There were only 5 entries in the professional division . Well i didn't win, not 1st ,2nd or 3rd, in any of the 3 categories. Needless to say i was super disappointed. But next time i know to go way over the top when entering one of these , personally thats not my style i don't want to make a cupcake that looks inedible but apparently thats the way to go. Enough ranting here were my entries.

Oh also if anybody knows of any cupcake or cookie decorating contests in ny,nj,or pa leave me a comment I'd like to enter more .

Sunday, March 4, 2012

St Patricks Day Cookies Giveaway

I haven't done a giveaway of my own cookies for awhile so i decided to do a special set of St Patricks Day cookies for you guys. I used sweetsugarbelles idea of using a ice cream cone cutter to make leprechauns. She does the most creative things with different cookie cutters.

The winner will receive 1 dozen of these cookies in a gift box. They are shortbread with vanilla royal icing. I also have a different set with pots of gold up for sale in my shop. Giveaway is open internationally but will take a little longer to get if out of the U.S .

To Enter:

You must be a follower of my blog and leave a comment telling me what your plans on for St patricks day or what your favorite holiday is. Also don't forget to leave your email address.

Extra entries:

Like The Fancy Lady Gourmet on facebook

You can also tweet ,blog ,or post on facebook ,leave a separate comment for each

Giveaway ends Sunday March 11th and the winner will be announced the next day ,and shipped out right away just in time for St Patricks Day

I'm also giving you a coupon code for my shop for 15% good till March 11th just enter the word lucky in the coupon code box

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lovely Living Rooms

Its been a little while since I've done a pinterest style post and I love home decor so here goes ,some lovely living rooms to oogle at.

I love the fun outdoor living room below

Source: via Diane on Pinterest

I'm not sure what the sheep is doing here but i dig it lol

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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