Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coffee Mug Swap

i just signed up for the coffee mug swap over at suzel says there is only one more day to sign up so go check it out

I'm thinking of doing a tea and teacup swap on my blog soon let me hear what you think of that 

What I've Been Baking

Hey Kittens!  How is every ones weekend going?
Reading some of the lovely comments from my big giveaway going on I decided to do a post of the cookie I've made as of lately.

I made these french bulldogs for a trip to the Martha show but car trouble prevented me from going.

Above is my cousin Nicole she stopped by and was helping me package cookies lol
Shes also my decorator in training lol

Toy story cookies i made 
 I donated these pink dress cookies for a breast cancer fundraiser for auction
 These birthday and cross cookies were made for one of my new clients

I also made this mixer for the martha show

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I break for yard sales

A few weeks ago I was talking to my best friend about thrifting and about how we need to learn how to do it lol. We both love vintage and antique stuff but are always going to over priced places. I have always been crafty so the idea of resorting old things into fun new items was right for me.
Then the T.V gods showed me the way with this book promo on some random show i was watching. I literally ran out that night and picked up. I break for yard sales by Lara spencer.
I also read it in about an hour lol . I love it so much i picked up some great tips and plan on hitting up lots of yard sales,estate sales,and flea markets this summer. So many fun projects to do I can't wait. Right now I'm working on a ugly dresser using wallpaper to make it pretty again I can't wait to share.
So has anyone else picked up this book? Any tips of shopping I'd love to hear!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fine China yay or nay and tips on buying

This post be kinda random but after helping my mom clean out my grandmas place and inheriting a 12 piece china set i thought i would do a post on china and plates and such. I don't mind paper plates for everyday use but I will never allow paper plates to be used for any party or holiday that I'm throwing lol. If you read my blog you already know I'm a fan of cake stands, what you may not know is i also love plates and tea cups. I have a collection of miss matched tea cups and plates and I love them.
This is my favorite china set by Martha Stewart which when i get engaged will go directly on my
registry lol

I do have some tips before you take the leap and invest in a set.

1. Buy extra!! I stress this alot, someone will break something and if they stop making the set you have it will be hell to replace it

2. This is for anyone on a budget buy a set that is neutral especially if you like to throw parties. This way you can use the same set for every occasion all you have to do is change up the napkins and decor.

3. Take care of your china make sure you read the back of the plate or box when you get it. Meaning don't just throw it in the dishwasher or microwave or you may need to bring out those extras you bought.

4. If your buying the set of china yourself and your on a budget check locally for outlet stores. There is a mikasa and lenox outlet and hour from me. They have great deals and you come home with a beautiful set for less.

So what is your opinion do you like china? prefer paper plates any tips or questions leave them in the comments.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Feature Friday Everyday is a Holiday sweet treats to decorate your home

Blogging has connected me with so many amazing and talented people. One of these people is Jenny from Everyday is a Holiday .Not only is Jenny sweet and adorable but her and her husband make the most beautiful art for your home. You may have seen her cards in Michael's as well. I know i picked up as many as i could lol. She was also sweet enough to donate this fantastical cupcake print to my favorite things giveawayy .

You can also find in her shop some of these amazing works of art

I plan on buying all these wooden signs to decorate my future bakery one day , couldn't you just imagine them hanging in a pretty bakery

I have the print above in my room 

Also stickers! I don't care how old you are you can still love stickers

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Karens Cookies , favorite tools of the trade

For quite awhile now I have been shopping at Karens cookies . I was so excited when i got them to donate a $15 gift card to my 4 year blog anniversary giveaway. This store is a bakers dream especially for us who love to decorate! You can find hundred of cookie cutters in all the shapes you will need, decorating supplies,my favorite food coloring ameri color,sprinkles,packaging and much more. I'm going to do something I don't do a whole lot which is share a few of my favorite tools of the trade with you . That you can purchase from Karen's cookies , if your lucky with your new gift card lol .

Above my sweet cookie friend Maryann sent me I think its called a boo boo stick. I love it! Its great to pop all the bubbles , i use the other end to scrape off icing when i mess up, and also to unclog the tip when i left it to long and the icing hardens lol

This small spatula i use for all my stenciling on cookies it makes it so easy to smooth over the stencil then scrape off the excess

Lets talk disco dust!! This is one of my favorite things to add to cookies Its edible glitter but not the stuff wilton tries to pass off as edible glitter this looks like real glitter. I'm still trying to collect all the colors they make and trying to use them whenever i can . Be warned though everything will be covered in glitter after including yourself lol.

Ameri color food coloring is my favorite brand of food coloring. It seems to bleed less then wilton and has worked out better for me . I also love the electric collection , I wish i got to use them more

Last but not least tweezers . I need these actually i lost my other pair lol they are great for picking up those draggees and and sprinkles to put in their proper place while decorating.
If you have any questions about any other tools feel free to leave me a comment or feel free to share your favorite tools of the trade.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello Kitty For Laduree

Yes It's true all those Hello Kitty fans who also happen to love Laduree as well . For the 150th birthday of Laduree there is a special Hello Kitty collection. I called up to the Laduree in NYC the other day to check to make sure they had it before I headed over there today. I was so excited but i put myself on a budget and they happened to have the stamp set i coveted for so long so i picked them up instead of picking up all the Hello Kitty swag I did get a few of the macaron boxes. Luckily I'm going to the Martha show next in two weeks so I might have to pop over for some Hello Kitty goodies like these.

Images via laduree newsletter

And here are all the goodies i got lol

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My favorite , can't live without Vanilla

So in honor of my favorite things giveaway still going on I'm doing separate posts on each of my items to tell you a little bit about them. About 2 years ago I was in chef central and I saw this bottle of vanilla bean paste i had heard that it was a cheaper alternative to buying the vanilla bean pods and was just as effective , so i decided to give it a whirl. After that i was hooked i added it to almost every recipe i made lol . After that i went back and bought the vanilla extract. I now have to buy them in the 32 oz bottles because i use them so much . But i can't even begin to tell you how much good quality ingredients make a difference and this vanilla is by far my favorite. For the giveaway linked back above Nielsen Massey is donating a bottle of their amazing vanilla bean paste .

A little bit about them they have been around since 1907 . Its pure vanilla no fillers and fakes in their stuff . They also have a line of organic flavorings as well . They also make more pure extracts like coffee,chocolate,almond,lemon,orange blossom and many more. I really wanna try to pick up more of the other flavors soon lol. I just want to mention I'm not being paid to say any of this , this is all my opinion I actually contacted them myself about offering up a bottle for the giveaway so you can all try it to. Let me know if you use this and what pure extract you think i should try next.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Saying Goodbye to the original Fancy Lady

Above is my grandma the original Fancy Lady, Which inspired the name for my business which is kinda funny because she was the only old Italian lady who didn't cook or bake.
She passed away this morning she was 97 . I won't lie I actually wasn't very close to her but i do admire her in the fact that she was always fancy and dressed up and she never let that go till toward the end. Well into her 90s she always had on a nice outfit all her jewelry , and her hair done. She was a true Fancy lady. She traveled the world and married and amazing man who loved and adored her and kids who took care of her till her last day on earth. I'm not really a religious person but I'd like to think shes in a better place now and she is free of pain and with my grandpa . I just wanted to say goodbye to the original Fancy Lady.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ashleys Baby Shower : French Country Theme

Last weekend me and my friend Megan threw my dear friend Ashley a baby shower, shes due next month and she is also in Hawaii so what we did was have the shower at Megan's invite everybody and skype Ashley in. It was really fun. I struggled with a theme for awhile and I tried to go for a french country theme. If i would have had more time to shop and some extra money I'm sure i could have pulled it off a little better but I did what I could. It was also my first time doing a dessert table which I wanted to do forever now. Sorry the pictures aren't the best I thought the lighting would get better but It didn't so i had to take them while i could lol

Chocolate cinnamon truffles, Inspired by the cinnamon chocolate fudge i used to make for my friends in high school
Espresso macarons filled with chocolate ganache
Cardamon cookies with raspberry jam
the cupcakes were raspberry cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting
I'll be posting the recipes over the next month , everybody loved the desserts
Also the cute paper accents were from Festivities on etsy

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter! What i've been baking edition

Technically its Easter right now lol . I wanted to post now because I'm going to a relatives house tomorrow i haven't seen and years and won't be around all day. That should be interesting lol
I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter and share what i made. Also I'd love to hear what everyone is doing and if your making anything special.
I got Julia Ushers ultimate cookies book and attempted to make the Easter basket cookies half way through i realized they weren't working out so they turned out to be Easter tree trunk cookies lol.
I also made cookie toppers for the cupcakes which i think came out pretty cute .

These were for the kids , I got these cute plastic containers for them at papermart for only $7 for 12.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4 Year Blogiversary Giveaway :My favorite things

Hello Kittens ! This month marks my 4Th year of blogging . I wanted to thank all my loyal readers and followers and for all the kind and supporting comments i have received over the years.
To thank you all i have put together this amazing giveaway of all my favorite things for one lucky winner.

One of my favorite eye shadows from lime crime called cupcake thief and lipstick color coquette, this the lipstick and nail polish were purchased by me for this giveaway.

My favorite ever baking ingredient vanilla bean paste by Nielsen- Massey you will get a 4 oz bottle. I love this stuff you get all the amazing flavor of vanilla beans but at a cheaper cost.

This amazing cupcake print by Jenny Holiday, not only is she one of the sweetest girls she makes the most amazing and beautiful art featuring lots of sweet treats!

$15 gift card to one of my favorite stores for baking supplies,cookie cutters,decorating supplies a bakers dream Karen's cookies.

1 dozen custom designed cookies by you from my shop. Anything you can think up i can create for you!

How to enter :

Be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see more of on my blog and don't forget your email address.

Extra Entries:
Like The Fancy Lady Gourmet on facebook
Tweet,blog,or facebook this giveaway leave a seperate comment for each
Like everyday is a holiday on facebook
Like Karen's cookies on facebook
Like Nielson-massey on facebook

Giveaway is open to U.S residents only
The last day to enter the giveaway is April 30Th
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