Add color to your room the cost effective way

Every interior design book and magazine out there says the best way to add color to a room is to paint neutral wall colors and find bright furniture to add pops of color.
Here is the problem I have found with that affordable furniture stores don't seem to sell colorful furniture its all neutrals. If you can find colorful furniture it will normally run you much more in costs.
So i say throw that idea out the window, go with bright colorful paint!
I'm redoing my new bedroom which has not been taken care of for years so instead of going for colorful headboard and side chairs I'm going with lime green walls . Yes lime green! 

I found this on pinterest to it's not the direction i'm going with but gives you an idea color wise.
I'm either going to go with black or navy blue accents and also white.
This is a bedroom idea but this also works for living rooms or other rooms in your house.
I'll be painting in a few weeks and can't wait to share when I'm all done . I found wood floors under the carpet so I'm going to rip that up so i can have wood floors in there. I can never imagine why anybody would want to carpet over beautiful hardwood floors!
If you recently have redone a room with color feel free to link me in the comments!


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