Le Bunny Bleu shoe review

Hey guys! I'm back and i have a great review for you today.
A few months back i won a giveaway on the lovely Kaelah's blog .
I had seen Le Bunny Bleu before and wanted to try a pair of their adorable flats.
The ones i wanted were out of stock so they sent me two pairs to make up for it.

Above are the sieny ballet flats in black
These are the ebony bow flats in purple

They come in these pretty blue boxes and dust bags to keep your shoes nice and pretty.
The sieny flats fit perfect and the ebony are just a little big as far as size goes but that will help in breaking them in lol.
I have only worn the sieny flats so far but they have been really comfortable and I love the look of them.
I will definitely be shopping from them again they always have the cutest shoes and now i know the quality is great to.


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