Neon Nails and Lips

Lately I have been getting back into playing with more fun makeup and colors .I have have been really drawn to neon colors.
Especially nail polish and lipstick, i seem to be drawn to neon pink even though i'm not a big fan of pink for makeup the neon pink works for me lol .
I have been searching all over the net for essie punchy pink pictured below but it came out in 2009 and I don't think they make it anymore .

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

I found pink voltage by china glaze i did last week (below) but it took like 5 coats which made it chip off easier . I'm still on the hunt though .

Onto lips! One of my favorite brands i have discovered for lipstick is lime crime.
I have 4 colors already they are amazing they go on smooth and the colors are amazing.
My next purchase is countessa fluorescent  pictured below 

If you're feeling extra bold you can try new yolk city

So what do you think of neons? Any good colors you recommend I'd love to hear your input 


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