Fifty shades of grey who should play

When i first heard about this book I thought of dear a new romance novel for house wives. I had no interest at all. But then a friend of mine who is a big reader told me I need to read it, she has great taste so I gave it a go . I really enjoyed them and while reading I was already trying to imagine who i could see playing them in the movie lol.

No cast has been announced yet I'm sure it will be a last minute release but the internet has been a buzz on everybody's best guess . All i can say is kristen stewart plays anastasia I will riot!
After thinking for awhile i decided on my top two picks . For Mr. Grey himself Michael Fassbender for sure he's sexy and we have all seen him aggressive in a hot kinda way lol.
My second pick for Mr. Grey is Alexander Skarsgard hes tall sexy grey blue eyes and can easily have copper colored hair.

 Now for Anastasia which was much harder for me to pick because she starts off so sweet and innocent and there are not a lot of young actresses who can pull that off nowadays .My first pick is is Jennifer Lawrence I just love her I think she can pull awkward off like nobody's business but still remain beautiful . Second pick is Lucy Hale she is stunning and also can very much pull off being innocent and sweet .

Okay now my favorite part I want to hear your picks so please leave some comments I want to hear what everyone thinks!


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