Holiday gift guide for the makeup lover

Hey guy's i've been really bad at blogging lately sorry about that. I will be trying to do more posts for the coming holiday season i have a pie recipe in the works i can't wait to share.
Till then I want to share some great finds for the makeup lover in your life or a great christmas present for yourself. I'll try to include something in all price ranges.

First up some brushes! It's a little on the pricey side but these are so pretty! $68
Includes a blending brush and eyebrow brush which are normally not included in brush sets.
Find these at sephora 

Next up our one of my new favorite brand finds you can also find them on the side bar.
Sugar pill cosmetics i have been looking for the perfect gold for a long time this one is soo perfect. Put on a primer and you will have the perfect gold great for holiday looks. $12 goes a long way.

Or try the palette $34  there are 4 to choose from this is my favorite 

Next up is not makeup but any beauty queen makeup lover would appreciate it . It's from the queen of beauty himselfs label beauty forever this cute little hat is $25
To end this list we have won more sephora find only $49 all this makeup!

Happy Shopping!! and Happy Holidays 


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