Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cupcake Decorating Classes with me this summer !

Laduree theme cupcakes

Very exciting news!
I have decided to start teaching cupcake decorating classes this summer.
I will be doing them at my house in South Hackensack NJ , so they will be 5 people per class.
Classes will start at the end of June on saturdays and sundays .

Here's what they will include
4 hour lessons
fondant rose technique 
icing techniques
recipes and more
You will also get a goody bag of stuff to bring home and practice with 
Price is $150 per person for the 4 hours 
The first 5 people to sign up will get $50 off 

Exact dates and times will be announced closer to june 

To reserve your spot or for more information please email me at

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Add color to your room the cost effective way

Every interior design book and magazine out there says the best way to add color to a room is to paint neutral wall colors and find bright furniture to add pops of color.
Here is the problem I have found with that affordable furniture stores don't seem to sell colorful furniture its all neutrals. If you can find colorful furniture it will normally run you much more in costs.
So i say throw that idea out the window, go with bright colorful paint!
I'm redoing my new bedroom which has not been taken care of for years so instead of going for colorful headboard and side chairs I'm going with lime green walls . Yes lime green! 

I found this on pinterest to it's not the direction i'm going with but gives you an idea color wise.
I'm either going to go with black or navy blue accents and also white.
This is a bedroom idea but this also works for living rooms or other rooms in your house.
I'll be painting in a few weeks and can't wait to share when I'm all done . I found wood floors under the carpet so I'm going to rip that up so i can have wood floors in there. I can never imagine why anybody would want to carpet over beautiful hardwood floors!
If you recently have redone a room with color feel free to link me in the comments!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Le Bunny Bleu shoe review

Hey guys! I'm back and i have a great review for you today.
A few months back i won a giveaway on the lovely Kaelah's blog .
I had seen Le Bunny Bleu before and wanted to try a pair of their adorable flats.
The ones i wanted were out of stock so they sent me two pairs to make up for it.

Above are the sieny ballet flats in black
These are the ebony bow flats in purple

They come in these pretty blue boxes and dust bags to keep your shoes nice and pretty.
The sieny flats fit perfect and the ebony are just a little big as far as size goes but that will help in breaking them in lol.
I have only worn the sieny flats so far but they have been really comfortable and I love the look of them.
I will definitely be shopping from them again they always have the cutest shoes and now i know the quality is great to.
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