Friday, June 28, 2013

Fifty shades of grey who should play

When i first heard about this book I thought of dear a new romance novel for house wives. I had no interest at all. But then a friend of mine who is a big reader told me I need to read it, she has great taste so I gave it a go . I really enjoyed them and while reading I was already trying to imagine who i could see playing them in the movie lol.

No cast has been announced yet I'm sure it will be a last minute release but the internet has been a buzz on everybody's best guess . All i can say is kristen stewart plays anastasia I will riot!
After thinking for awhile i decided on my top two picks . For Mr. Grey himself Michael Fassbender for sure he's sexy and we have all seen him aggressive in a hot kinda way lol.
My second pick for Mr. Grey is Alexander Skarsgard hes tall sexy grey blue eyes and can easily have copper colored hair.

 Now for Anastasia which was much harder for me to pick because she starts off so sweet and innocent and there are not a lot of young actresses who can pull that off nowadays .My first pick is is Jennifer Lawrence I just love her I think she can pull awkward off like nobody's business but still remain beautiful . Second pick is Lucy Hale she is stunning and also can very much pull off being innocent and sweet .

Okay now my favorite part I want to hear your picks so please leave some comments I want to hear what everyone thinks!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dose of Colors Lashes review

Lately i have found so many new beauty companies I had not heard of before , thank you power of the internet . I love false lashes i use them all the time so when I saw Dose of Colors lashes I knew i had to try them . They are a little more pricey than the usual ones I use but at $14 i figured I'd give it a shot .
 I got the show stoppers because they were single bands I find the double banded ones harder to shape around my eye because the band is thicker. 
They have excellent packaging which always perks my fancy lol.

I was going for a fun look with these lashes but because of my phone camera the turquoise came out a lot more blue so i look like an 80s barbie which is not what I was going for lol.

I love these lashes I will definitely be getting more when i have the extra money , they are very wispy yet full . If you have smaller eyes you might have to trim them because they are long across but luckily my eyes are big so I didn't have to cut them.
They were easy to use and had no problems with ordering so A+ in my book.
They are coming out with lipsticks and lip gloss in the next two months which i can't wait to try.

Have a product you would like to review or share send me an email.

Disclaimer :i was not paid to do this review or asked to by the company i did this on my own and paid for the lashes myself 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beauty find Melt cosmetics review

I have been trying a lot of new brands lately so I thought i would start sharing and doing reviews for them. I recently found a brand new company called Melt cosmetics created by Lora and Dana two beautiful and talented makeup artists .
I ordered one of their lipsticks in the shade of stupid love its a bright fuchsia color.
Love the packaging !

Here's my review 

I love the color its true to the pictures they have on their website its super bright and pretty.
They smell nice which actually has been a problem with a few brands that i have purchased before.
They are matte colors so don't be surprised if they don't glide right on like a regular lipstick.
I would say make sure your lips are moisturized before applying .
Overall I enjoy the lipstick I'll probably be ordering their red which is called belladonna ,because i can never have enough red lipsticks lol
I look forward to seeing more products from them .

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dresses to die for Alexander McQueen

My favorite designer hands down is Alexander McQueen, even though sadly he passed they are still coming out with the most amazing and edgy dresses and accessories I've ever seen.
One day I will treat myself to one of these amazing dresses but till then i will admire from afar .
Here are some of my favorite from recent collections .

You can find these all here , some are even on sale!

One last one a stunner!

Found on sale at net a porter 

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