Tiny tea final review

I took a little longer to post this but here goes...
For those who didn't read my first post i did the tiny tea 14 day teatox from your tea .
The claims are it helps reduce bloating ,sugar cravings ,good for your skin ,more energy and a bonus you may loose a few pounds . Here is a quick run through of the first few days.

Day 1 i felt really drained and dizzy and really hungry i heard these are signs its starting to work.
Day 2 a little less dizzy and also a killer headache .
Day 3 i got a huge burst of energy
Day 4 dizzy again 
For the rest of the time I didn't see anymore bad side effects but to be honest i felt none of the good ones either . No increased energy or less bloating and definitely didn't have less sugar cravings.

Overall for me it was a big waste of money and this stuff was not cheap. I dieted and exercised during this time which is recommended and nothing   . After i was done i read that apparently this tea doesn't work for everyone which i wish i would have read first but thats my fault .
It seems to have worked for a lot of people so i wouldn't advise against buying it but i would say its a pretty steep price just for a maybe .

Also i should note this review was written by me I was not paid or given this tea for free to try i bought it myself and this is my own review .


  1. ugh I hate diets and detoxes that tell you that you will feel dizzy and have headaches. Grace

  2. You were game to give it a go and well done for sticking to it! I've heard mixed reviews on these kinds of diets.

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au


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